December 3

The Laura and Eric Light Up the City


As the front of the house continues to draw foodies tourist into town, St. Marta’s cook book sales are reaching record numbers as the back of the house heats up. With the hiring of Laura as Sous Chef she has steadily impressed both Krissy and Eric in her ability to transform dishes to the next level. With Eric pushing the local edge to big city taste she feistily works to gain control of his wild side in the kitchen. Within days of accepting the position she promptly took over as the liaison between the restaurant and St. Marta’s women’s club to much pleasure and relief to Sarah. The club, specifically Sarah, was having continuous issues collaborating with Eric and his bold politically incorrect style.

Krissy and Mark just returned from a much need vacation in Hopkins Bay, Belize. Where they spent time finding local artisan products to sell in the boutique and online. Rumor’s are they also met with a few of the local chef’s and are investing in the city’s food scene. Krissy and Mark have become an officially couple around town and gossip about a wedding, kids, and buying the old dilapidated Plowman’s house keeps the locals busy wondering.

The traditional holiday lighting of main street drew crowds at records numbers making it impossible to get a table at Church Cooks for the weekend. Free lance food writer and Eric Mowman’s good friend Timmy Ferral’s was in town and seen after hours with Laura and Sarah. Rob, Laura’s husband and the town’s professional fisherman and guide was seen joining them along with Eric for Bloody Mary’s this morning. The question is did Sarah make it home? Timmy has promised Sarah a spot in his next column reporting the collaboration between Church Cook’s and the Women’s club.

Eric’s Bloody Mary’s

  • 2 Jar’s Of Gary’s Homemade Spicy Tomatoes Juice
  • Celery
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Osseo Meat’s Beef Stick
  • Fresh Shrimp
  • Olives
  • Pickles
  • Vodka

This is quickly becoming the go to breakfast drink in town. Gary’s Spicy Tomato Juice can be purchased at Church Cooks Boutique for $12 plus shipping and handling.

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April 7

Churchville USA – Welcomes Laura!

Vicotory Beets



Hi Laura,

Thank you for stopping in Church Cooks for lunch Eric gave me your information and yes I would love to talk with you about joining our team. Eric and I have been looking for a Sous Chef since we have opened. Please send me your resume so Eric and I can discuss and be prepared to make a quick decision when we meet with you.

Lastly and most importantly WELCOME to town I hope you love Churchville as much as I do. As a transplant myself, I and never in a million years thought I would call a small town in the middle of nowhere home!

Does Friday at 2PM work to meet with Eric and I? We have offices up stairs if you go in the side door next to Church Cooks Boutique you will find us.




Thanks Krissy 2PM will work perfect for me and attached is my resume. I will bring a sauce for you to taste along with a cake I have been testing. I would also like to play a role in the pastry’s if this is an option and oh yes assuming you hire me. J

Rob and I picked up some of your award winning cookies and met your sister Jane when we first came to town and OMG you have to tell me how in the world you make those. Rob loves cookies which if you look at him you can see I make way to many for him. We may have to put a one cookie per week limit on him.

See you on Friday and I attached a photo of a beet salad I thought you would like to see the presentation.

Yours Laura



Thanks Laura for the photo I am really into beets now and have been pushing Eric to get them on the Menu. I should also let you know between us girls Eric thinks of himself as a bit of a ladies man and has a huge ego but deep down he is a big teddy bear. Wanted to let you know so you are prepared for him on Friday he is a fabulous chef and leader.

Must run now Mark and I are heading into the city for the private opening of Ifood will be interesting to say the least. Did you meet Mark Brothers yet? He owns the flower and landscape company in town?


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April 4

Kraft Cheese Product Review


To: St. Martin’s Women’s Club Email Group

Subject: Reviews and next meeting

I wanted to send this review out to everyone in case one of you did not get it yet as it mentions our club and I have to agree 100% with the below. I am not sure what Eric does to make those burgers so good but WOW. As we spoke in our meeting I would like to propose to Eric that we do an outdoor burger stand down by the lake over the 4th of July and see how it goes. If it goes well we could discuss going to the Taste of the City which our club would run but we would co market with Krissy and the city. I have been told by Laura who asked Suzie in city finance and they do have some tourism money available to buy the truck.

We have a new couple moving into town this weekend so a welcome package needs to be prepared and Sarah you invite Laura to our next meeting. Rob and Laura Toestein are moving here from the city and Rob is opening up a bait shop in town where Scooby’s used to be. I googled Rob and he is a professional fisherman and Laura is a chef.

Reminder our next meeting is Thursday at 7PM at the Church we need to do inventory and will discuss the burger truck again at that time. Sarah can I give you one more to do? Can you talk with Suzie and see if she can help us apply for the tourism funding?

Below is the review which was published online Taste of The City.

kratfThis is one excellent burger. For starters, it’s proof positive that everything truly is better with fresh local product. The beef and pork are ground together in roughly a four-to-one ratio, infusing each bite with a richness not normally associated with lean ground beef. The well-seasoned patty is thick and jagged-edged, and it gets a dark, flavorful char on a flat-top grill. From there, chef Eric Mowsman sticks to a fairly simple and surprisingly disciplined regimen. The golden, in house baked buns are anyone’s idea of a perfect hamburger bun. They’re toasted and swiped with a homemade mayo. Size-wise, patty and bun are a perfect match. The bottom half is neatly covered in a layer of crunchy, teasingly tangy icebox pickles, which follow a beloved local St. Marta’s Church Groups cook book recipe. The top of the patty is crowned with two burger classics: Crisp bacon, cut to pancetta-like skinniness, and two melting-down-the-sides slices of American cheese. You read that correctly. No four-year aged Cheddar, no oozy brie, no funky Roquefort, no artisanal Gouda, just a plain-old supermarket dairy case staple, the kind that Kraft sells in individual wrappers. It’s an offbeat choice for such a food-forward operation, but it really works; anyone raised in a Betty Crocker household will instantly associate this mild processed product with burgers but if Bon Appetite says it is than I guess it is.

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February 16

Soft Opening Menu is Set and Sold Out

Soft Opening Menu

Meanwhile in Churchville, USA Krissy took a much need break from writing and is back in town and ready for the soft opening of Church Cooks and her sister Jane has all the inventory in and busy styling the Artisan Gourmet Boutique.

The women of St. Marta’s Parish have worked side by side with Eric Mowsmen creating the items the will be featured from the Church Cooks Books past and present. The entire town is invited to the soft opening which it is scheduled Monday the 24th to Wednesday the 26th and is completely sold out.

The women’s club sent out invitations to about 50 out of town guests that either have vacation property in Churchville or have supported the club over the years 42 of the 50 guests invited have RSVP’d. Thursday will be the press party and close friends of Krissy and Mark Brothers including several of his former teams mates and friends.

The town is abuzz with all the famous people coming into town and it is rumored you cannot get a place to stay within 50 miles of the city limits. The city council has already approached Krissy about adding a Boutique Hotel to the 2 floors above the restaurant.



Deviled Eggs on Horseback $3
Popovers with a Quick Roast and Lilac Honey Butter $4
“Cheese and Crackers” $4
Croquettes $3
Salmon with Dill $5
Charcuterie $4 / $8
Rudy’s American Meatballs $5
Perfect Beet Salad with Lime $4
Not Too Spicy Chorizo $5


2 $50 For Half / $95 For Whole
Shaved Beets
Broken Scallops
Buckwheat Pasta w/sausage
Prosciutto-Stuffed Chicken with Mushroom sauce
Glazed Pork Chops ala Al
Mini Rack of Lamb


Honey & Orange Cake $8
Chocolate Finale Brownies $10
Grape Fruit Cake with Candied Peel $8
Featured from St. Marta’s Women’s Club Church Cooks Book

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December 17

Mom’s Chocolate Cake and Mother Dough

Krissy’s Letters To Her Mom

Dear Mom

Why can’t I ever make a chocolate cake?  I wish you were here to help me….I remember your cakes always turned out perfect and beautiful.   I made a cake for Jane’s birthday and nothing was right with it.   I have to scrape it out of the pan and trim it down into a small rectangle just to get candles into it.    Worst part of all it was so heavy and rich we could only take a few bites.

I love having Jane home with me.  It still feels funny calling Churchville home.   I love this town and I so badly want Jane to call it home also.   I am going to ask her to stay in Churchville  to help me start up the restaurant and gourmet boutique.   I hope she will fall in love with everything and everybody here like it did.

I hate thinking of her wondering as I did town after town.   I know  I was doing research but I think that was just an excuse not to settle down and get close to anyone or anything for fear of them leaving or hurting me.    I know I should work with someone on this whatever you call it “anxiety” but I guess Mom I am not ready to face it yet.

What should I do about Mark … I love him but what if he does not love me back?   I sound like those romance books where each and every story is the same.   They meet, fall in love, get scared and run away from each other only to figure out that being in love and together is far better than being apart.    Those stories never get old I am reading now you  would really like it by Barbara O’Neal and it’s call How To Bake A Perfect Life!   It’s about a women that owns a bakery and uses mother dough.    I am just to the part where she meets a man from the past …. I want to figure out how to make mother dough and bread.    Her mother dough was handed down to her from her great grandmother.

My eyes are falling shut miss you and I will be watching for you.

Mother Dough

pre-ferment is a fermentation starter used in bread making, and is referred to as an indirect[1][2] method. It may also be called mother dough.

A pre-ferment and a longer fermentation in the bread-making process have several benefits: there is more time for yeast, enzyme and, if sourdough, bacterial actions on the starch and proteins in the dough; this in turn improves the keeping time of the baked bread, and it creates greater complexities of flavor. Though pre-ferments have declined in popularity as direct additions of yeast in bread recipes have streamlined the process on a commercial level, pre-ferments of various forms are widely used in artisanal bread recipes and formulas.

Thank you once again Wikipedia for the definition of Mother Dough




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December 14

Big Noodle Soup And Local Flaire

Big Noodle Soup


December 12th


To: St. Martin’s Women’s Club Email Group

Subject:  Eric and Local Flaire

Thanks everyone for attending the meeting last night and what a treat to have Eric the new Chef at Church Cooks stop by with samples of his Big Noodle Soup.   Our little town truly needs a upscale restaurant and chef like him.

As we discussed with him, he would like us to select 4 – 6 recipes from our books so he can feature them on and off throughout the week.   His plan to bring local flare and charity into the restaurant is a big win for our causes, club, and parish.

We agreed we will use the winning recipe for each year which gives us 2 main dishes and 1 cookie.    Each of us will pick 3 other recipes that we feel will high light the town and our books the best and we will discuss our choices at the next meeting.

I would like to give Eric about 10 to pick from and let him make the final choice.   Our town has so many visitors from all around the world  he has the experience to know what to feature with that market better than we do.   These features will help us sell our books.  I see into the future how we could have something online also.

Remember items/idea’s to sell in the Gourmet Boutique are due in by the end of the year if you want them included in the Grand Opening.    Krissy and her team need to get the items ordered and get everything displayed.    (She told me she is going to offer her sister Jane the job of managing the Boutique).

See everyone tomorrow for the Christmas Cookie Bake Sale lets hope we sell out.

Next meeting is schedule for  next Friday at 4PM it will be a short one as I know we are all busy getting the last minute things done before Christmas.

See you all than and stay warm and safe.

Sally Ray

Big Noodle Soup 


  • 11/2 lbs hamburger (cooked and drained)
  • 16 ozs fresh canned tomatoes (whole, crushed by your hands)
  • 1 large onion
  • 16 oz mild bloody mary mix or V8
  • 2 tbs butter (plus more for softening onions)
  • 8 oz BIG noodles (such as rigatoni)


  • Bring pot of water salted to boil for noodles
  • Brown the hamburger until just pink drain and set up
  • In the same pan soften the onion with 2 tbs of butter
  • As the you are preparing the above in a soup pot add the tomatoes and Bloody Mary or VS juice
  • Add 2 tbs butter to the tomato base 
  • Begin to bring juice/tomato to boil and turn down to simmer
  • Add noodles to by now boiling water and cook until al dente
  • Add hamburger, onions, and noodles to base
  • Season with Salt and Pepper
  • Simmer for 10 minutes longer and serve topped with Cheese and Fresh Cilantro or Parsley
  • Sour cream on the side add’s a nice touch go crazy and season the sour cream just like Eric did!

This is a simple comfort soup that is easy to make.   You can change to spicy Bloody Mary mix to add more flavor and depth.

Be sure to visit Krissy Carpenters web site


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