April 4

Kraft Cheese Product Review

From: sallyrayjones@gmail.com

To: St. Martin’s Women’s Club Email Group

Subject: Reviews and next meeting

I wanted to send this review out to everyone in case one of you did not get it yet as it mentions our club and I have to agree 100% with the below. I am not sure what Eric does to make those burgers so good but WOW. As we spoke in our meeting I would like to propose to Eric that we do an outdoor burger stand down by the lake over the 4th of July and see how it goes. If it goes well we could discuss going to the Taste of the City which our club would run but we would co market with Krissy and the city. I have been told by Laura who asked Suzie in city finance and they do have some tourism money available to buy the truck.

We have a new couple moving into town this weekend so a welcome package needs to be prepared and Sarah you invite Laura to our next meeting. Rob and Laura Toestein are moving here from the city and Rob is opening up a bait shop in town where Scooby’s used to be. I googled Rob and he is a professional fisherman and Laura is a chef.

Reminder our next meeting is Thursday at 7PM at the Church we need to do inventory and will discuss the burger truck again at that time. Sarah can I give you one more to do? Can you talk with Suzie and see if she can help us apply for the tourism funding?

Below is the review which was published online Taste of The City.

kratfThis is one excellent burger. For starters, it’s proof positive that everything truly is better with fresh local product. The beef and pork are ground together in roughly a four-to-one ratio, infusing each bite with a richness not normally associated with lean ground beef. The well-seasoned patty is thick and jagged-edged, and it gets a dark, flavorful char on a flat-top grill. From there, chef Eric Mowsman sticks to a fairly simple and surprisingly disciplined regimen. The golden, in house baked buns are anyone’s idea of a perfect hamburger bun. They’re toasted and swiped with a homemade mayo. Size-wise, patty and bun are a perfect match. The bottom half is neatly covered in a layer of crunchy, teasingly tangy icebox pickles, which follow a beloved local St. Marta’s Church Groups cook book recipe. The top of the patty is crowned with two burger classics: Crisp bacon, cut to pancetta-like skinniness, and two melting-down-the-sides slices of American cheese. You read that correctly. No four-year aged Cheddar, no oozy brie, no funky Roquefort, no artisanal Gouda, just a plain-old supermarket dairy case staple, the kind that Kraft sells in individual wrappers. It’s an offbeat choice for such a food-forward operation, but it really works; anyone raised in a Betty Crocker household will instantly associate this mild processed product with burgers but if Bon Appetite says it is than I guess it is.

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