April 7

Churchville USA – Welcomes Laura!

Vicotory Beets

From: krissy@churchcooks.com

To: lauratoestein@scoobysbait.com

Hi Laura,

Thank you for stopping in Church Cooks for lunch Eric gave me your information and yes I would love to talk with you about joining our team. Eric and I have been looking for a Sous Chef since we have opened. Please send me your resume so Eric and I can discuss and be prepared to make a quick decision when we meet with you.

Lastly and most importantly WELCOME to town I hope you love Churchville as much as I do. As a transplant myself, I and never in a million years thought I would call a small town in the middle of nowhere home!

Does Friday at 2PM work to meet with Eric and I? We have offices up stairs if you go in the side door next to Church Cooks Boutique you will find us.


From: lauratoestein@scoobysbait.com

To: krissy@churchcooks.com

Thanks Krissy 2PM will work perfect for me and attached is my resume. I will bring a sauce for you to taste along with a cake I have been testing. I would also like to play a role in the pastry’s if this is an option and oh yes assuming you hire me. J

Rob and I picked up some of your award winning cookies and met your sister Jane when we first came to town and OMG you have to tell me how in the world you make those. Rob loves cookies which if you look at him you can see I make way to many for him. We may have to put a one cookie per week limit on him.

See you on Friday and I attached a photo of a beet salad I thought you would like to see the presentation.

Yours Laura

From: krissy@churchchooks.com

To: lauratoestein@scoobysbait.com

Thanks Laura for the photo I am really into beets now and have been pushing Eric to get them on the Menu. I should also let you know between us girls Eric thinks of himself as a bit of a ladies man and has a huge ego but deep down he is a big teddy bear. Wanted to let you know so you are prepared for him on Friday he is a fabulous chef and leader.

Must run now Mark and I are heading into the city for the private opening of Ifood will be interesting to say the least. Did you meet Mark Brothers yet? He owns the flower and landscape company in town?


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