February 16

Soft Opening Menu is Set and Sold Out

Soft Opening Menu

Meanwhile in Churchville, USA Krissy took a much need break from writing and is back in town and ready for the soft opening of Church Cooks and her sister Jane has all the inventory in and busy styling the Artisan Gourmet Boutique.

The women of St. Marta’s Parish have worked side by side with Eric Mowsmen creating the items the will be featured from the Church Cooks Books past and present. The entire town is invited to the soft opening which it is scheduled Monday the 24th to Wednesday the 26th and is completely sold out.

The women’s club sent out invitations to about 50 out of town guests that either have vacation property in Churchville or have supported the club over the years 42 of the 50 guests invited have RSVP’d. Thursday will be the press party and close friends of Krissy and Mark Brothers including several of his former teams mates and friends.

The town is abuzz with all the famous people coming into town and it is rumored you cannot get a place to stay within 50 miles of the city limits. The city council has already approached Krissy about adding a Boutique Hotel to the 2 floors above the restaurant.



Deviled Eggs on Horseback $3
Popovers with a Quick Roast and Lilac Honey Butter $4
“Cheese and Crackers” $4
Croquettes $3
Salmon with Dill $5
Charcuterie $4 / $8
Rudy’s American Meatballs $5
Perfect Beet Salad with Lime $4
Not Too Spicy Chorizo $5


2 $50 For Half / $95 For Whole
Shaved Beets
Broken Scallops
Buckwheat Pasta w/sausage
Prosciutto-Stuffed Chicken with Mushroom sauce
Glazed Pork Chops ala Al
Mini Rack of Lamb


Honey & Orange Cake $8
Chocolate Finale Brownies $10
Grape Fruit Cake with Candied Peel $8
Featured from St. Marta’s Women’s Club Church Cooks Book

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