November 13

Jane and Upside Down Turkey

Upside down turkey

November 2013



Subject: Thanksgiving Plans

Hey Sis..

Sorry I missed your phone call yesterday.   I am in New Orleans and needless to say it truly is the city of sin.   At times it’s so loud I cannot hear it ring.   I listened to your message and I will be heading your way from here next Saturday so we can plan, prepare and cook the TURKEY upside down just like we did as kids.

Please tell me  I can stay until the New Year I need a break from traveling and miss you!?   I thought we could cut down a tree together and make pizza ….gosh I guess I am just missing you and Mom.

Is Mark going to join us on Thanksgiving?   What else is going on?  Can’t wait to see and hear everything happening in that town of yours.   I should arrive on Sunday late so have the wine open and something fab to eat.  I will ring you when I am an hour out.

Kisses your little Sis ..




This is the best news I have had in a long time.  Yes you can stay and I hope you know I am going to give it all I got to make you stay forever!   Yes to all the above … need to run as I am meeting contractors at the building this AM.   So much you can help with and so much to tell you.

PS I ordered the bird fresh just like Mom did.

Mom’s Upside Down Turkey

Place the turkey on the rack with the breast side down. This protects the white meat from overcooking and allows it to absorb the juices as they run downward into the bottom of the pan. Then, for the last hour of roasting, carefully remove the pan from the oven and flip the bird over. Return it to the oven with the breast side up, allowing the breast skin to crisp up and get golden brown.


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