October 16


Spinning a yarn: To tell a story, especially one with distorted truths and exaggerations.    Each day the yarn will grown.   On this day on this site we will build a life and lives of people that live in a city called Chruchville, USA and belong to the Parish of St. Marta.  (Santa Marta – patron of cooks, she was the sister of Mary Magdalena. She happily cooked for Christ. She is also patron of entertaining.)  We will grow these charters to  have relationships, be married, have kids, jobs, activities, and most importantly cook.   The women of this parish compete daily trying to out do each other cooking and gathering recipes for the annual fundraiser, The Church Cook Book.  In this parish women are judged by the quantity and quality of the recipes they cook, share, and submit and the gossip never ends.   Churchville, USA will be filled with drama, food and fun.

This city will have a mission: “well behaved women rarely make history”

The Parish of St. Marta has a mission: “the best cook wins”

The men of the Parish of St. Marta have a mission: “eating the food and not always what their wife’s have cooked”

Join us in this yarn and submit a parish member to cook and share with us.