December 17

Mom’s Chocolate Cake and Mother Dough

Krissy’s Letters To Her Mom

Dear Mom

Why can’t I ever make a chocolate cake?  I wish you were here to help me….I remember your cakes always turned out perfect and beautiful.   I made a cake for Jane’s birthday and nothing was right with it.   I have to scrape it out of the pan and trim it down into a small rectangle just to get candles into it.    Worst part of all it was so heavy and rich we could only take a few bites.

I love having Jane home with me.  It still feels funny calling Churchville home.   I love this town and I so badly want Jane to call it home also.   I am going to ask her to stay in Churchville  to help me start up the restaurant and gourmet boutique.   I hope she will fall in love with everything and everybody here like it did.

I hate thinking of her wondering as I did town after town.   I know  I was doing research but I think that was just an excuse not to settle down and get close to anyone or anything for fear of them leaving or hurting me.    I know I should work with someone on this whatever you call it “anxiety” but I guess Mom I am not ready to face it yet.

What should I do about Mark … I love him but what if he does not love me back?   I sound like those romance books where each and every story is the same.   They meet, fall in love, get scared and run away from each other only to figure out that being in love and together is far better than being apart.    Those stories never get old I am reading now you  would really like it by Barbara O’Neal and it’s call How To Bake A Perfect Life!   It’s about a women that owns a bakery and uses mother dough.    I am just to the part where she meets a man from the past …. I want to figure out how to make mother dough and bread.    Her mother dough was handed down to her from her great grandmother.

My eyes are falling shut miss you and I will be watching for you.

Mother Dough

pre-ferment is a fermentation starter used in bread making, and is referred to as an indirect[1][2] method. It may also be called mother dough.

A pre-ferment and a longer fermentation in the bread-making process have several benefits: there is more time for yeast, enzyme and, if sourdough, bacterial actions on the starch and proteins in the dough; this in turn improves the keeping time of the baked bread, and it creates greater complexities of flavor. Though pre-ferments have declined in popularity as direct additions of yeast in bread recipes have streamlined the process on a commercial level, pre-ferments of various forms are widely used in artisanal bread recipes and formulas.

Thank you once again Wikipedia for the definition of Mother Dough




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