December 3

A Wish Come True

Make A Wish

In the meantime in Churchville, USA the renovations to the old mining building Kirssy purchased to open a restaurant to be named Church Cooks along with a  local gourmet boutique is well under way and scheduled to open in time for Valentines Day.   Krissy has been busy working on the details for the menu and hired the talent award wining young chef Eric Mowsman.

Eric is rumored to have met with Sally Ray and discussed the collaboration of the women clubs local favorites.  Sally Ray told Sarah if he is nothing else he is a handful of fun.   Eric agreed so kindly agreed to let the club use his name and would submit recipes to be included in the 2013-2014 addition.   Eric’s know for his creative twist on comfort foods.

Krissy also hired the local computer geek to start work on her eCommerce site that will be marketing products made by small town america with a focus on gourmet and hand crafted.  The old mining building has enough space to set up a substantial eCommerce inventory and shipping business.

For ROMANCE in town Mark and Krissy are considered an item in town and bets are out when there will be a wedding.  Considering they have yet to kiss the town has big hopes for them!


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