August 28

A Dream Home In Churchville Including Chickens

If I could live anywhere in the world I would choose Churchville, USA in a two story home with a wrap around porch.

The porch would wrap around all the way around leading to a screened in room where I would work many days.   The front of the porch would be a extra comfy set of chairs and a rocker along with beautiful potted flowers.

The yard would be fenced for Daisy and Duke and have a big garden with table and chair worked in as it has belonged in nature just as is.  I would work in the garden writing on cloudy days.  Within the Garden near the back porch would be a pizza oven surrounded by more comfy chairs and small tray tables for dinning outside.   A small pond with a water fall would also be weaved within my dream if I could live anywhere.

The inside of the house would be all hard wood and the kitchen would be that of a famous chef.  The looks and feel would be on the rustic side with exposed wood and lots of windows.

My bedroom would have a small deck and fireplace  Mini coffee bar would be a must so I would stay and work in the bedroom with coffee out on the deck . The deck off the bedroom would have more comfy chairs and pillows.   The bath room would be blue in color the blue the sky gets when its almost gray.  Relaxing!!!

Thinking about that color the entire house would be different shades of the almost gray blue.  With reds, pinks, greens mixed in.

And most exciting of all a big egg producing chicken coop!

So I guess I figured out it’s the home that is important for me with the wide open spaces connected with the outdoors.   And dogs always two, one cat, and a whole bunch of chickens.

Posted August 28, 2013 by Kim Kalan in category Krissy Carpenter