October 14

A New Restaurant In Town?

To: sallyrayjones@gmail.com

From: sarahcooks@gmail.com

September 12th

Hi Sally Ray

Did you hear the news or hopefully rumors? Krissy is thinking about opening a restaurant in the old mining building on main street.  She has ask Pete for information and told him she wants to put a bid in for it.   She also called the city asking about building and food permits.

Where do you think she is going to get the money to buy and fix up that old place?   Maybe Mark you know he was a pro football player right?

Do you think we should talk to her about this?   I am just worried about the Friday night Potlucks.

Lets meet for coffee tomorrow and get this figured out.

Peace Love and Good Food


To: sarahcooks@gmail.com

From: sallyrayjones@gmail.com

September 12th

I would not worry about what Krissy is doing.  I think it would be fabulous to have her refurbish that old building.  I believe it’s on the historical register.

I think a more positive action would be getting the women’s club involved and helping her.

Yes lets meet for coffee at 8:45 but I can only stay for a bit.

Sally Ray

PS do you have the menu done for tomorrow?  Bring it with and we can proof it together I am expecting a big crowd.

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