August 12

Blog Challenge Day 5

My Perfect Walk

For those who are reading the 30 day challenge for the first time I am coping the first paragraph into each challenge and if you are a regular skip right over the next paragraph.

As you all know I am Krissy Carpenter and I live right here in Churchville, USA I also write the blog site   I am excited to share with you the challenge I am doing with my good friend  Natalie at the Suit Case Entrepreneur.  Once I complete this challenge I am going to run a contest/challenge right here in Churchville  so help me learn along the way how all this works.  Also feel free to answer the challenge question in a comment to me and I will post them for you on my site.  And I bet you can guess the Churchville challenge will have to do with food and eating.

What’s does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day?  I am a morning person I think best and create best in the early AM so I like to get up by 5AM when the town is quite and drink coffee, write and network.  So from about 5AM to 7AM I would work and drink coffee and more coffee and love every second of it.  Than, we are talking about a perfect day right, I would go for a run/walk with my dogs.  I would love to go the the gym but in Churchville that’s not possible.  During my run I would stop by the bakery in town and pick up a fresh scone or two and stop by Mark’s and share!?!  In the afternoon I would work out in the yard/garden until about 2PM.    Than head into work for a few hours and get dinner planned out.  I love the planning part of dinner as much as the execution of it.   I love to cook and drink wine in the evening the big gourmet 30 ingredient kind.   After dinner about 8PM until about 10PM in my perfect day I would write or read.

I love to read and listen to books and in my perfect days  I would read about 1 book a week.  Right now I am listening to the Butterfly Sister and reading The Devil Makes Three.  Someday’s I would take a nap.  Someday’s I would walk around the lake instead of run.  Someday’s I spend all day writing other days I write nothing.  Someday’s I leave and take a road trip to visit a small town to do research.   I may or may not spend the night.  Many day’s I spend reading requests for my Aunties money and discussing them with my sisters and brother.  So in a nut shell my perfect day is doing what ever I darn well please as long as I feel productive and “doing” something.  I don’t watch TV or movies which leaves a lot of time for everything else and in my perfect day I do not want to watch TV but a few movies once and while would be fun I should make time to watch movies.

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