April 4

Kraft Cheese Product Review

From: sallyrayjones@gmail.com

To: St. Martin’s Women’s Club Email Group

Subject: Reviews and next meeting

I wanted to send this review out to everyone in case one of you did not get it yet as it mentions our club and I have to agree 100% with the below. I am not sure what Eric does to make those burgers so good but WOW. As we spoke in our meeting I would like to propose to Eric that we do an outdoor burger stand down by the lake over the 4th of July and see how it goes. If it goes well we could discuss going to the Taste of the City which our club would run but we would co market with Krissy and the city. I have been told by Laura who asked Suzie in city finance and they do have some tourism money available to buy the truck.

We have a new couple moving into town this weekend so a welcome package needs to be prepared and Sarah you invite Laura to our next meeting. Rob and Laura Toestein are moving here from the city and Rob is opening up a bait shop in town where Scooby’s used to be. I googled Rob and he is a professional fisherman and Laura is a chef.

Reminder our next meeting is Thursday at 7PM at the Church we need to do inventory and will discuss the burger truck again at that time. Sarah can I give you one more to do? Can you talk with Suzie and see if she can help us apply for the tourism funding?

Below is the review which was published online Taste of The City.

kratfThis is one excellent burger. For starters, it’s proof positive that everything truly is better with fresh local product. The beef and pork are ground together in roughly a four-to-one ratio, infusing each bite with a richness not normally associated with lean ground beef. The well-seasoned patty is thick and jagged-edged, and it gets a dark, flavorful char on a flat-top grill. From there, chef Eric Mowsman sticks to a fairly simple and surprisingly disciplined regimen. The golden, in house baked buns are anyone’s idea of a perfect hamburger bun. They’re toasted and swiped with a homemade mayo. Size-wise, patty and bun are a perfect match. The bottom half is neatly covered in a layer of crunchy, teasingly tangy icebox pickles, which follow a beloved local St. Marta’s Church Groups cook book recipe. The top of the patty is crowned with two burger classics: Crisp bacon, cut to pancetta-like skinniness, and two melting-down-the-sides slices of American cheese. You read that correctly. No four-year aged Cheddar, no oozy brie, no funky Roquefort, no artisanal Gouda, just a plain-old supermarket dairy case staple, the kind that Kraft sells in individual wrappers. It’s an offbeat choice for such a food-forward operation, but it really works; anyone raised in a Betty Crocker household will instantly associate this mild processed product with burgers but if Bon Appetite says it is than I guess it is.

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November 1

Trick or Treat Churchville Style

monster meatloafFrom: sallrayjones@gmail.com

To: St. Martin’s Women’s Club email Group

Subject:  trick or treats treat count

We finally received the official count of the number of people we are expecting in town for the Halloween Festival tomorrow.   The number is larger than anticipated.  This is good news and bad news as we need more treats.   Also it would be a good idea to have a few more cases of cook books available.   I will stop by and get them out of storage.  Who can run extra out to the other retailers that will be selling them for us?  I would guess about 5 more per location?

So all of you that signed up for the last minute baking crew we will meet in the Church Kitchen at 4pm or as soon as you can arrive.   We need to make about 500 more treat bags.  The total count (and remember we are giving bags to adults)is 5460.   This is the number Laura calculated she has RSVP’s for little under 4800.   If you see her in and around town tonight thank her for a job well done with the new email invite system she set up.

Sarah has volunteered to pick up the extra supply’s in the city for us along with and inventory run.  Thank you Sarah.

We have a new member joining us to help make her cookies.  She rang me this AM and said that she accepted our invitation to become a member and would love to come and help tonight.

As you all know Krissy also made a donation to pay for all the ingredients to make the cookies for each bag.   Please make sure and thank her.   We are lucky to have her be so open and excited about what we do in our club to the point of not only joining but being apart of her restaurant and gourmet boutique.    In case all of you did not hear as I know some missed the last few meeting do to football games she is naming it Church Cooks.

Lastly we should discuss putting a special Halloween section in this years book?  I found this recipe on Pinterest and gives you an example of what I am thinking.   The section would be dinner before trick or treating to help offset the sugar intake of the night?  I am thinking Spooky Fun for the kids like the below.

Monster Meat Loaf

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October 30

Opening Soon Church Cooks!


September 10th

To: sallyrayjones@gmail.com

From: sarahcooks@gmail.com

Hi Sally

Did you hear Krissy got approval to start work on her restaurant and in addition to a restaurant she is opening a local artisan shop focusing on food and hand made goods in part of the building.   What a perfect place to showcase our club.  Laura told me this not sure if I was to tell others just yet so keep it under your hat.

Here are the notes from the special club meeting last night.  Should I email Krissy to see when she can meet with us to discuss our idea’s.

Notes and concerns on how the club can collaborate with Krissy Carpenter in her opening a Restaurant in town.

1. We all agree we like her idea for a name “Church Cooks”

2. We could sell and market our cook books at the restaurant

3. A featured item on the menu weekly from the cook book or daily special

4. Hold cooking classes to drive more people into town

5.  co create a website with a blog

6. Potluck Fridays to be moved to her place?  And we cook on Friday’s giving the chef the night off?

I think that’s about it?  Does anyone know who will be the chef?   Do you think she will bring someone in from the city?

This is the most exciting thing that has happened in Churchville since Robin was arrested.  Poor thing is still sitting in prison.

Guess what I am making for the dance team this weekend at convention?

Cheerio Magic Wands  remember I told you about the dance they do with Magic Wands as props?


Cheerios Cranberry and Granola Magic Wands

inspired by The Cheerios Cookbook adapted from http://emmaeats.com
(makes 12-14 3″ stars plus lots of bits for sampling)

  • 3 tbsp unrefined coconut oil
  • 5 cups marshmallows (large or mini)
  • 6 cups Cheerios
  • 1 cup plain granola (with no dried fruit in it)
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/4 cup sunflower seeds, roasted and (un)salted
  • a few tbsp gold shimmer sugar or sprinkles (optional)
  • 12-6″ lollipop sticks

Line a 9″x13″ rectangular pan with parchment paper. Set aside.

In a large saucepan, melt the marshmallows and coconut oil over medium heat. Remove the saucepan from heat when marshmallows and oil are melted and combined. Add cheerios, granola, cranberries and seeds. Mix well.

Press the mixture into the prepared pan and if using, sprinkle the gold shimmer sugar over top. Let it cool at room temperature for 15-20 minutes.

In the meantime, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

Once the mixture has cooled, lift the parchment paper with the Cheerios out of the pan and place it on to a flat, sturdy work surface. Using a 3″ star cookie cutter, cut 12-14 stars out of the Cheerios rectangle. With a gentle twisting motion, push a lollipop stick between two points of each star cutout. If needed, you can carefully reshape the star since the mixture should still be slightly malleable. Gently place each magic wand on to the parchment lined cookie sheet with the handle hanging over the lip of the cookie sheet. Once set, you can store them in an air tight container at room temperature for about one week.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Instead of cooking this on the stovetop, it can be made in the microwave. Melt the coconut oil and marshmallows in a large microwaveable bowl for up to 3 minutes, stirring after each minute. Mix in the remaining ingredients and follow the rest of the directions as above.
  • Use any dried fruit combination that you desire. We use cranberries because Emma loves them but dried cherries would be fantastic too.





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October 14

A New Restaurant In Town?

To: sallyrayjones@gmail.com

From: sarahcooks@gmail.com

September 12th

Hi Sally Ray

Did you hear the news or hopefully rumors? Krissy is thinking about opening a restaurant in the old mining building on main street.  She has ask Pete for information and told him she wants to put a bid in for it.   She also called the city asking about building and food permits.

Where do you think she is going to get the money to buy and fix up that old place?   Maybe Mark you know he was a pro football player right?

Do you think we should talk to her about this?   I am just worried about the Friday night Potlucks.

Lets meet for coffee tomorrow and get this figured out.

Peace Love and Good Food


To: sarahcooks@gmail.com

From: sallyrayjones@gmail.com

September 12th

I would not worry about what Krissy is doing.  I think it would be fabulous to have her refurbish that old building.  I believe it’s on the historical register.

I think a more positive action would be getting the women’s club involved and helping her.

Yes lets meet for coffee at 8:45 but I can only stay for a bit.

Sally Ray

PS do you have the menu done for tomorrow?  Bring it with and we can proof it together I am expecting a big crowd.

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September 15

The Best Bean Dip – Cowboy Caviar

To: sarahcooks@gmail.com

From” sallyrayjones@gmail.com

June 30th, 2013

Thank you so much for the BBQ invite Joe and I will be out of town next weekend so we cannot make it. The potato salad sounds wonderful and I think it would be a great addition to this year’s book. In fact after reading through it I think I will make some for Joe soon. The one thing I see you could add would be dill. I love adding dill to things in the summer it makes things taste even fresher.

Speaking of dill I happen to have a ton of growing in my garden if you would like some stop by and I can dig some up along with chives. I really wish I would have never planted chive as it’s over taking my herb garden. The flowers are so pretty but once they are gone it Ahhhh pops up everywhere. I was thinking about trying to cut it back so it looks more like ground cover?

As you know the next women’s club meeting is end of July and I have been planning on inviting Krissy. This way she can be a part of the discussion about allowing or not allowing teams to register for the cook off. I personally do not think it matters unless it cuts down on the number of recipes submitted. Which just gave me an idea that I will bring up in the meeting.

Here is the recipe I was shopping for when we ran into each other at Marv’s and Joe and I plan on taking with on our road trip.

Cowboy Caviar or Pickled Bean Dip

1/2 cup canola oil

1 cup sugar

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tbs water

3/4 cup apple cider vinegar

Bring to a hard boil for about 2-3 minutes than let cool before pouring over beans and veggies.

1 can of black beans

1 can of black eyed peas

1 can of garbanzo beans

1 can of pinto beans

1 jar of diced pimentos

1 can of white shoe peg corn

open rinse and drain bean in a strainer.

1 onion

1 bunch of celery

1 green pepper

1 jalapeno pepper

Remove all seeds for peppers and dice to about 1/4 inch all of the above.

Serve with scoops Frito’s and nacho.

I use an ice cream bucket and once the sauce is cooled pour over beans and veggies.

Keeps for up to 3 weeks in fridge and tastes best after a few days.

PS I plan on submitting this just so you know

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September 9

Sarah Smith’s Pulled Pork

To: sallyrayjones@gmail.com

From: sarahcooks@gmail.com

July 2nd 2013

So exciting that you are going out of town where are you going? I had not heard you guys were leaving I wish I could go with. I could use a break from my life. I feel like all I do is cook, clean and drive the kids around.

Not sure if you heard but I am the head of Mandy’s dance booster club and wanted to pick your brains about fundraising. Dance Fever is such a great studio I know I have to drive into the city but it’s so worth it. Did you hear our team went to nationals and we took 2nd can you believe it 2nd place. Mandy really wants a solo next year we are keeping our figured crossed and I am doing some pushing with her coaches. I cannot tell you enough how important it is for us parents to advocate for our children and what they want if we don’t who will. Am I right?

Anyway I really do need to talk with you about Krissy and Mark. We have to make sure everything is fair. I am sure you understand that in a smaller town people talk. I would hate for our club and parish to lose sales of our cook book because of a scandal.

Let me know when you can grab coffee I just love the new coffee bar that opened up downtown. Have you been?

Thanks for the bean dip recipe I do remember it being the hit of the party last 4th of July. Why don’t you submit it in the cook off?

I wanted to share with you my pulled pork recipe the one I brought to the last meeting. You are the only person I am sharing this with as I am submitting to the cook book this year.

Sarah Smith’s Pulled Pork

1 pork butt

1 large onion or 2 smaller ones

1 1/2 cup water

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

3/4 cup brown sugar

1 table spoon salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1-2 bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce

Cut onions in thick 1/2 inch slices and place in bottom of crock to hold the pork off the bottom of crock and add flavor from below. Place meat on top of onions. In a mixing bowl combined water, vinegar, salt, and black pepper and pour over top of pork. Sprinkle brown sugar on top and squeeze BBQ sauce over sugar about 1/2 bottle. Turn crock on low and cook for 12 hours until falling apart.

Pulling the pork apart needs to be done when still hot so you will need a large tong and kitchen fork to keep from burning your fingers. Grab a dutch over or large pot and use the tong and fork pull the good meat out of the crock working to separate as much of the fat out as you can. If you like more fatty pulled pork pull more into the mix. Once you have everything pulled out of the crock take about 1 cup of the juice left in the crock and pour over pulled meat. Add BBQ to desired consistency but should be nice and juicy. Using the kitchen fork mix the pulled pork until BBQ sauce is mixed in and pork is in very small strings/pieces. Remember every pork butt is different in size so you need to adjust ingredients a bit either way depending on the size of your butt.

Serve with fresh baked buns.

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