August 22

Day: 14 Krissy says what she thinks and challenges Natalie back


Day 14 contained a podcast which shook loose an idea I had been working on.  Not that I have not thought about or more accurately I was planning on doing video and audio but could not put my figure on the execution living in Churchville.  Now I see a way to add  audio to enhance the online Satire I am writing.  So THANK YOU Natalie!

Day 14: What are two key ways you could use the habits of a millionaire to monetize your blog in the next month?

1. Even giants start out small.  One day at a time backwards and forwards I will go learning and growing and before you know it you will have built something fabulous.  In my case my book will be published.

2. Things do not always take money.  So many people starting up a small business think they needs load and load of dough this is simple not always the case.   One of my golden rules is never ever pay for advertising!!! Why would any small business pay for advertising when so much FREE is available?  I will not lie having a pot of money moves things along faster but I have lived and witnessed so many businesses and  people who have money and waste it all with out ever figuring out truly how to make MONEY or better put PROFIT!

Being the lucky or unlucky person to have to decide when or when not to invest my Aunties money I get to see the waste when money is available.    Living in a small town I love seeing how frugal most are.  The farmers especially.

I am Krissy Carpenter and I love small towns and cowboys.   Living in a small town I am sheltered and frankly most are not concerned with what millionaires think or do.   I would like to ask the question how many of these millionaires are happy I mean really happy and in a forever relationship spend time with there kids.  Money does not buy you what is important.   Ok,that has been said and over said but yet we have not figured it out.

We talk about freedom and it feels as if its always tied to money.  I would like to challenge Natalie to talk more about just simply how to be happy with what you have.   Less about building a business but building the person if that happens the money will come.  Its always greener on the other side of the fence until you figure this out!

And that is all I have to say about that via Churchville the best place to live in the world!

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