August 13

Day 7 Arrives And It’s All About Knifes and Dogs

For those who are reading the 30 day challenge for the first time I am coping the first paragraph into each challenge and if you are a regular reader skip right over the next paragraph.

As you all know I am Krissy Carpenter and I live right here in Churchville, USA I also write the blog site   I am excited to share with you the challenge I am doing with my good friend  Natalie at the Suit Case Entrepreneur.  Once I complete this challenge I am going to run a contest/challenge right here in Churchville  so help me learn along the way how all this works.  Also feel free to answer the challenge question in a comment to me and I will post them for you on my site.  And I bet you can guess the Churchville challenge will have to do with food and eating.

Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

Working and living alone the tool I will use the most to maintain my mindset are my dogs Daisy and Duke.  As they say they are loyal as dogs and keep me outside and moving around.   It’s great having dogs in a small town and Churchville is the quintessential dog town.

The dogs of Churchville roam around freely and are welcome in most shops so it’s great fun shopping with dogs.  It’s as if you become friends not only with the people of the town but their dogs.  Most know dogs by name and who they belong to and the story of how they ended up in town.   If a stray comes around it soon finds a forever home by just not leaving where it finds a  food and water dish.

My knifes and the simple act of chopping vegetables and herbs for the nights  meal is my daily mediation and tools are cannot live without.  A good set of knifes is a must for me.  I chop with Wusthoff Classic.

I have to be honest my iPhone is my toy of the tools I use.  I play words with friend with my sisters and use it to keep in touch with my networks around the world.  I listen to my books on tape with my phone and this simple act of listening to a story gives my mind a chance to rest.

My Nespresso espresso machine is my newest favorite tool.  Unreal how good the lungo pour is out of the tiny little capsule’s.

My Newest Favorite Tool

I would like to say my laptop but right now my laptop is a piece of junk and I desperately need a new one but cannot make the big decision to move from Microsoft to Apple.   It such a stressful decision for me that comes with so many opinions and points of views.






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