September 30

It’s Time For Fun In Churchville

September 4

Hi Mark

I was wondering if you want to go the fair this weekend with me.  I could get some tickets to the rodeo Saturday night.  If we leave about 11AM we could make it into the fair by 12ish?

Do you mind driving that fancy car you have it’s going to be extra nice out and we can ride with the top down?

PS I have been officially invited to St. Marta’s Book Club?  I think I will join as I have decided to make it apart of my research, the women in this town.  Plus you never know maybe it will be en-lighting.

The book they are reading this month is the Butter Fly Sister.



I will go to the fair with you only if you will walk machinery hill with me at the fair.  Rodeo sound great been thinking about getting some horses for awhile now?

I see that farm is for sale just out of town.  We should go take a look?

I will pick you up in my “fancy car” as you call it at 11 only if you have coffee for the ride.

PS What about dinner Friday night in town I am in the mood for  Greasy Burgers.

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