August 13

Krissy Makes It To Day 6 Saving Cowboys

For those who are reading the 30 day challenge for the first time I am coping the first paragraph into each challenge and if you are a regular reader skip right over the next paragraph.

As you all know I am Krissy Carpenter and I live right here in Churchville, USA I also write the blog site   I am excited to share with you the challenge I am doing with my good friend  Natalie at the Suit Case Entrepreneur.  Once I complete this challenge I am going to run a contest/challenge right here in Churchville  so help me learn along the way how all this works.  Also feel free to answer the challenge question in a comment to me and I will post them for you on my site.  And I bet you can guess the Churchville challenge will have to do with food and eating.

What are my three priorities for the next 30 days that will move me closer towards living life on my own terms?

1. Finish moving my online course over to Ruzuku

2. Finish the 1st Chapter in the documentary I am researching titles Save the Cow Boys.

3. Begin to draft plans for the restaurant I plan to open in Churchville called Church Cook Book.

A preview of the book I am working on.

On a steal horse they ride?  I find it hard to understand how things come and go?  Cowboys are becoming extinct and I being a male loving cowboy female want to start a movement to put them on the protected species list?    Maybe this is how I can make history “well behaved women rarely make history”  right, this is my tag line, my thing,  the problem is how?  I have not quite figured this out, how to go about not being well behaved to make history without getting in all sorts of trouble?  I think saving the Cowboys may just be the ticket to history?   People love Cowboys, kids love Cowboys, and the movies love Cowboys?   Look at John Wayne and Bon Jovi, ok I can buy into this and not create trouble.

Texas has Cowboys and you just don’t mess with Texas so I bet I could get Texas behind my movement to protect the Cowboys?   Step number one find a cool cowboy hat to get photo taken for save the Cowboy’s flier.  Step number two go shopping to find some great Wrangles or Levi’s.  I could get Levi, Wrangle, or Frye to be a corporate sponsor for this history making adventure.  Step 3 reuse a horse to ride with my hat, jeans, and cool boots.  Step 4 try to get people not  think I am 100% crazy nuts?!    How would you save the Cowboys?  or have a better idea in how I can make history without getting into all sorts of trouble?

By the way I love Cowboy Boots.




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