October 2

Krissy’s Letters To Her Mom Dear Diary

Mom call me crazy but  I think I am falling in love.  I wish you were here so we could talk and I could tell you about Mark.   He is handsome and funny.  Best part of all he has money of his own.   I feel paralyzed having the burden of so much money and after what happened with Mike how would I ever know if someone loves me back for me?

I wish 1000 times over Auntie would have just given the money to Charity.   Maybe when I settle in a bit more I can learn to appreciate the responsibility and can really make a difference just as Auntie wanted.  I guess in many ways follow in her foot steps and yours.  I miss you guys so much it hurts.


Mark and I went to the fair and we spend an entire day just goofing around and eating.   We even rode a bull my legs still hurt.  I had the best pulled pork I need to figure out how to do that.

Speaking of food I am really thinking about buy that old place down off of main street and opening a St. Marta Cook Book restaurant and Inn.  What do you think of calling it Church Cooks?

I have to go the Nadal match just started.  He is dreamy.  Mom do you think I am finally boy crazy?

PS I joined the St. Marta’s women’s book club can you believe it?   We are reading Butterfly Sister.

Miss you Mom give Auntie a hug for me.



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