November 1

Trick or Treat Churchville Style

monster meatloafFrom:

To: St. Martin’s Women’s Club email Group

Subject:  trick or treats treat count

We finally received the official count of the number of people we are expecting in town for the Halloween Festival tomorrow.   The number is larger than anticipated.  This is good news and bad news as we need more treats.   Also it would be a good idea to have a few more cases of cook books available.   I will stop by and get them out of storage.  Who can run extra out to the other retailers that will be selling them for us?  I would guess about 5 more per location?

So all of you that signed up for the last minute baking crew we will meet in the Church Kitchen at 4pm or as soon as you can arrive.   We need to make about 500 more treat bags.  The total count (and remember we are giving bags to adults)is 5460.   This is the number Laura calculated she has RSVP’s for little under 4800.   If you see her in and around town tonight thank her for a job well done with the new email invite system she set up.

Sarah has volunteered to pick up the extra supply’s in the city for us along with and inventory run.  Thank you Sarah.

We have a new member joining us to help make her cookies.  She rang me this AM and said that she accepted our invitation to become a member and would love to come and help tonight.

As you all know Krissy also made a donation to pay for all the ingredients to make the cookies for each bag.   Please make sure and thank her.   We are lucky to have her be so open and excited about what we do in our club to the point of not only joining but being apart of her restaurant and gourmet boutique.    In case all of you did not hear as I know some missed the last few meeting do to football games she is naming it Church Cooks.

Lastly we should discuss putting a special Halloween section in this years book?  I found this recipe on Pinterest and gives you an example of what I am thinking.   The section would be dinner before trick or treating to help offset the sugar intake of the night?  I am thinking Spooky Fun for the kids like the below.

Monster Meat Loaf

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