June 22

Welcome Krissy Carpenter in Churchville

Meet: Krissy Carpenter

Born: January 24th

Age: 27

Place: Coon Rapids, MN

Marital Status: Single

High School: Coon Rapids High School Home of the Cardinals

College: University Of Texas in Austin, Texas, United States

Krissy was born in Minneapolis and moved to Coon Rapids when she was two years old. She has two sisters and one brother. After she graduated from the University Of Texas with a double major in women’s studies and journalism she traveled around the country collecting data on small town living and the deterioration of rural America and farm life. She eventually settled in Churchville as it is a vibrant small town and for its proximity to her father and brother. She is currently working on writing a book about small towns and farm life past present and future and also runs a successful blog www.eatcreatedesign.com under the pen name of Kimberly Salter.


Krissy along with her sisters and brother inherited a great deal of money from their Grandmother. Being the oldest she was appoint executor of the will and money which has caused some friction with her sibling’s. The money sits in a trust and she bears the burden of making the decision when and how to use the money. Each Grandchild receives a monthly living expense check that covers basic upper middle class living but must maintain a full time job or schooling to receive the funds. Her Grandmother asked that any additional money used outside of the monthly living expenses be used on things that would or could change history. The Grandmother was thought to be clairvoyant and a bit strange and told her she would make history someday right before she died. Living with the responsibility of a great deal of money to manage and wondering how in the world she was to make history caused her to become a very private person. In fact she went into hiding after being preyed upon and downright stalked because of her money.


Krissy in addition to writing her blog and doing her small town research found the time to study cooking in Italy for a year. She dreams one day of opening a restaurant in a small town that would draw people in from miles away. She has two Great Danes both males Daisy and Duke she is rarely seen in town without them. She also recused an mean old tom cat and she calls him Tom.


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